Custom Bifold Closet Doors

MAGIGLIDE® Custom Bifold Closet Door System

The MAGIGLIDE Bifold Closet Door is a flat-panel, solid-core bi-folding closet door of exceptional durability. MAGIGLIDE has served both new construction and renovation needs in multi-family housing since the early 1960s. When properly installed, you can expect decades and decades of trouble-free operation with MAGIGLIDE doors – even in abusive environments.

  • Virtually indestructible, essentially maintenance free; Five (5) Year Factory Warranty with proper installation
  • The ONLY bi-fold closet door that meets the HUD Spec for “Heavy Duty Bi-Fold Closet Doors”
  • ADA Compliant (certain minimum openings required); No Floor Tracks to obstruct seniors or disabled
  • Installation performed by your choice of contractor; We provide on-site installation tutorials upon request
  • MAGIGLIDE is made in the USA; Delivered in truckload quantities direct from manufacturer


Heavy Duty Bifold Closet Door Track

Bifold Closet Door Hallmark Features


Custom Closet Door Sizes

Custom door sizes are available at no additional cost. MAGIGLIDE doors are manufactured in any height to 10′ and can span unlimited widths. It is because these doors are both custom-sized and affordable, they have been utilized for decades in large-scale housing renovations and capital replacement projects in all building categories and all affluency ranges. Custom door sizes are available on an 8-12 week delivery timetable from receipt of field measurements, depending on plant loading at the time the order is placed.


The MAGIGLIDE Custom Bi-Fold Closet Door is the ONLY custom bi-fold closet door available today that meets the HUD Specification for “Heavy Duty Bi-Fold Closet Doors.” MAGIGILDE doors have earned the reputation for being virtually indestructible and essentially maintenance free, even in abusive housing.

Efficient Installation

Once produced to fit your openings, these doors may be installed quickly and efficiently, with little mess or disruption to the occupants. It is because of this that MAGIGLIDE doors have been utilized in many capital replacement projects even while buildings are fully occupied.


Custom Closet Doors

Engineering of Custom Bifold Closet Doors

The MAGIGLIDE SmartWall System® has a proven track record of outstanding durability, even in abusive environments. Our patented engineering will provide decades of superior performance, with a smooth, luxurious glide that occupants will enjoy each and every day.


Solid-core flat panel bi-fold and pivot panels are made from premium quality, industrial grade particle board for superior strength and rigidity.

Floor Pivot Assembly

Carries entire weight of bifold door system. 14-gauge cold-rolled steel saddle brackets & floor pivot brackets. Hardened steel pins and threaded studs.

Piano Hinge

Full length heavy-duty structural piano hinge, embedded. Secured with tempered steel pins. No floor track is necessary to support pivot or guided panels.

Top Track

Heavy-duty aircraft quality aluminum alloy top track serves only to guide door panels. No weight is carried here, ensuring decades of smooth, trouble-free operation.


Custom Bifold Closet Door Options + Upgrades


Standard vs. Advantage Series

The product is available in two thicknesses:
MAGIGLIDE Standard Series panel is 3/4″ thick and ideal for every application.
MAGIGLIDE Advantage Series panel is 1-1/8″ thick and ideal for high-end applications.







Bi-fold vs. Pivots

MAGIGLIDE is primarily available as a bi-fold, with pivot doors to complement. The MAGIGLIDE Bi-fold Door consists of two panels, the pivot panel and the guide panel joined by a piano-hinge. A MAGIGLIDE Pivot Door consists of exactly one-half of a bi-fold door with a magnetic catch. Pivot and Bi-Fold doors may be mixed in any combination along the same top track.  PIVOT Doors are available only in 1-1/8″ thickness, even though it is mixed on the same track as a standard Bi-Fold door.

Panel Material

The standard core is high-density industrial particle board, 45# density. This product is produced from select U.S. and Canadian mill by-products. Core options include UF-free for LEED projects and MDF board.

Panel Finishes

The standard finish is a thermo-fused primed paintable melamine. Optional finishes include wood grain or solid color melamines and premium wood veneers. Optional finishes are not stocked and may add up to 4 weeks delivery time to your order.

Wood veneers may be ordered unfinished or factory finished in a stain/seal of your choice.  In either case, handling with care is recommended. Unfinished wood doors may benefit from a touch sanding with light sandpaper to remove handler fingerprint before staining and sealing on-site.

Top Track

The same Top Track is common to 3/4″ and 1-1/8″ doors. Top Track is mill finish extruded aluminum. Decorative white vinyl taping is available as an upgrade.


Any pull may be used with MAGIGLIDE Bi-Fold Closet Doors. Standard with delivery, we offer a "U" shaped white nylon pull, appx. 4” c/l (ADA compliant). The factory does NOT drill holes for pulls, which must be accomplished on the job-site. You may order and install pulls of your choice, from any vendor of your choice.








Floor Pivot Assembly

The Floor Pivot Assembly carries all the weight of the door and must be securely affixed to the floor or threshold. We offer two variations to the Floor Pivot Assembly: the Standard Floor Pivot Assembly (SFPA) and the optional Flat Floor Plate. The Standard Floor Pivot Assembly is “hat-shaped” and can be used on any floor surface, and is necessary for units with wall-to-wall carpeting.

Optional Flat Floor Plate

For lower clearances under the doors, a flat floor plate may used in lieu of the Standard Floor Pivot Assembly.  The Flat Floor Plate achieves tighter tolerances under doors, a detail preference of some architects and interior designers. Unless specifically desired for the sake of design, the Standard Assembly is the best option for multi-family housing, as the 3/4″ undercut is kind to the toes and has enough elevation to stay clear of area rugs.

Flat Floor Plates are ideal for 3/4″ wood flooring or for mounting on wood thresholds. All flat floor plates require a travel hole for the threaded stud which must be bored into the flooring beneath the plate to allow for vertical height adjustments.

Note: Tight tolerances expected with the flat floor plates require exceptionally flat floors as closet runs become wider – a most difficult expectation. Expectations of constant undercut tolerances across wide openings are more difficult to achieve due to floor variations.

Note: Flat Floor Plates are NOT recommended for masonry floors. Boring travel-holes for Threaded Studs in concrete is problematic inasmuch as this hole, along with holes for screws needed to secure the floor plate creates a lot of drilling in masonry in a very small area, making installation of the Flat Floor Plate very difficult on masonry.

There are two (2) Flat Floor Plates, large (1-3/4″ X 1-1/2″) and small (1″ X 2″).  Both are Alternate-Options and either one may be substituted for the SFPA.



Decorative Boot

A Stainless Steel Boot (decorative cover) is available to cover the Standard Floor Pivot Assembly. This cover is most useful and attractive when used with hard floor surfaces of any type.  The Stainless Steel Boot is an Add-Option.

Threaded Studs

Adjusting doors during installation involves meeting certain specifications at the tops of doors, and this is accomplished ONLY by adjusting the threaded studs within the Floor Pivot Assembly. Our Standard Threaded Stud is 1-1/4″ long and will be adequate in most site conditions. However, for a variety of reasons (ie. existing buildings where settling has caused uneven floors) the standard stud may not be sufficiently long enough to raise the door to factory specifications. A 1-3/4″ Stud is available as an Add-Option. It is recommended that a percentage of long studs (10%) be added to the initial order as reserve if site conditions call for longer studs to raise doors to factory specifications.









Ventilation Grills

If MAGIGLIDE doors are to be installed in front of laundry equipment, Ventilation Grills may be factory installed.  Grills may be specified at the door top, at the door bottom, or at both levels.  Grills may be installed on one or both of the bi-fold sections.








ADA Compliance of our Handicap accessible custom closet doors

ADA sets certain standards for making certain those with physical handicaps are able to function in society without facing insurmountable barriers. The part of ADA that pertains to closet access establishes the minimum clear-span opening for each closet category – i.e. reach in or walk-in – and limits heights of thresholds so as to make these closets readily accessible to the handicapped.

MAGIGLIDE Bi-Fold Closet Doors doors do not require any floor track to impede occupants with walkers, canes or wheelchairs. MAGIGLIDE Doors are ADA compliant just as delivered provided the openings are of a minimum width. For the severely handicapped, a barrier free, D-style aluminum pull (5″ c/l) is optional.

The closet widths illustrated in the next table are the minimum width between jambs. Because each MAGIGLIDE bi-fold section reduces clear-span by six (6) inches when fully open, the closet opening must be oversized to result in ADA compliance. Pivot doors reduce the clearance by three (3) inches; however, they project further into rooms than bi-folds so they may be less desirable for handicapped units.


handicap accessible custom closet doors